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      (86)0760-22130305 (86)0760-86735701 info@zsyibao.com.cn
      About us MORE
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      YIBAO GIFT Co. Ltd

      YIBAO GIFT Co. Ltd is persist in enterprise spirits ”based on humanity and getting along with others on honor and trust”.In possession of advanced steel rolling,one-of molding production line.Handling modern multi-manage strategy,and selling the products in competitive price and good quality as well, which are rely and reputably for many people.

      • Tsuen Wan Tour

        The significance of holding this trip is to relax the mood of the employees I believe that this can improve the enthusiasm and work efficiency of employees, produce higher quality products, and obtain greater benefits, thus creating a better life 。。。

      • Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair

        The exhibition has been successfully concluded Thanks to every customer who is coming to the exhibition, I look forward to seeing you at the next exhibition 。。。

      • Conghua journey

        In order to make the company employees work more happier and improve the company s cohesiveness, the company decided to lead the company s employees to Conghua Tourism 。。。

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